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How to Find Plays and Play Scenes, Monologues, Dialogues and more: Home

Find Full-length Plays

Some plays are separately published, but many are included in collections, either a work by ONE playwright, or anthologies of the works of various playwrights.  The challenge is to find those plays that appear in anthologies.

1. Specific play (in Primo):

  • Search using:
    • two keywords from the title > EXAMPLE: moon AND misbegotten
    • title and author keywords    > EXAMPLE: Williams AND menagerie
  • Search by Title (for plays published individually) by changing the drop down menu from All Fields to Title
  • Plays in an playwright's collected work: Type in Name and Collected > EXAMPLE: Inge and collected

2. Genre or Nationality of plays (in Primo)

  • Search using:
    • "Latin-American" AND plays
    • Peru AND plays
    • women AND plays

3. While Primo will find plays we don't have, it may be easier to search WorldCat for the Interlibrary Loan link. Use the same kinds of searches you performed in the Primo.

Databases for Full-Length Plays

Finding Scenes, Monologues, Dialogues, and more

1. BROWSE the Main Book Stacks in the call number PN2080.  You'll find a number of collections of play scenes.

2. Search for scenes (in Primo)

  • try these searches
    • scenes AND plays
    • scenes AND women

3. Search for specific number of characters (in Primo)

  • monologues
  • duologues
  • dialogues and plays
  • "three actors" or "3 actors"

Finding Plays in Anthologies

NOTE: If you find a play listed in one of the sources below, check Primo to see if we have the collection in which the play is published.