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The Human Library: Available Books


  • Event is online on Zoom, Wednesday March 24th
  • Zoom link:
  • Sessions available are 10-11 AM, 3-4 PM, and 7-8 PM
  • Featured Book, Gloria Igihozo, will present at a special session at NOON.
  • Sign up to read books here
  • Books can be checked out by at least 4 readers at a time so bring your friends

Riding the Mission Wave by Michelle Lockwood

 I stood before my parents and told them that I was taking their only grandchildren (ages 2 and 6 months) to Africa to live. Shouldn't they be proud of me? Well... taking grandchildren 3000 miles away, makes any God-fearing, Jesus loving grandparent get a little sour even if its in the name of their Savior. And this was just the beginning of expectations.... expectations of being a missionary.

Speaking at 7 PM

The Un-normal Path by Tony Devine

 From Commercial Art program within a vocational-technical high school, dropping out of art school post-high school, spending time working at restaurants until I had a sense of calling to pursue youth ministry, which led me down a path to also seek out a bachelor's degree. Even my journey of earning my bachelor's degree included four different institutions as I worked full time. Professionally speaking as I have mentioned, I have worked in restaurants, served on staff at a church, been employed at a mental health child day hospital, and served in the U.S. Army, all before spending the last 7 plus years in my current role at Messiah University. As I was able to graduate from the Higher Education Graduate program last May, the journey continues.

Speaking at 10 AM


The Refining Fire by Paul Johns

Black, ominous smoke billows from the roof as he sits on the curb watching firefighters enter his home.  Everything appears to be in slow motion as the reality of what is occurring struggles to set in.  Only two weeks until his first day of college.  What will this mean; will it defy any meaning at all?  Read about how a devastating fire changed the trajectory of one man's life, leading him back where he belonged.

Speaking at 10 AM

As the Curtain Falls by Bryanna Pye

Nothing ever stays the same, especially in the world people live today. Change is the only things guaranteed, and to learn, sometimes it is best to reflect on the road one traveled to get there. In her final months, hear a student share about her journey through the arts, how it's grown her as an individual and artist, and how she's let art and faith drive her life.

Speaking at 3 PM and 7 PM

Sandwiched by Marcelle Giovannetti

The sandwich generation refers to middle-age adults (often in their 40s and 50s) who are caring for both elderly parents and their own children. This book explores the struggle to care well for loved ones and dependents, while maintaining a holistic, healthy life balance and emphasizes the need for a community of support. This book also highlight the societal inequity that exists in caring for the aging, particularity from marginalized groups.

Speaking at 3 PM and 7 PM

Around the World in 30 Days by Linda Poston

Celebrating a special milestone with my husband and daughter took us on a 30-day trip circling the globe. We embarked from NYC to travel to Sweden and ended with a non-stop flight from Tokyo to NYC.  The month abroad offered micro-immersions into 5 different cultures which helped to shape my view of the world and to see anew my own country.   

Speaking at 10 AM

Sacred Journey by Lawrie Merz

  "Pilgrimage" is not a word we use often today but it describes the 500-mile hike across northern Spain called the Camino de Santiago. With nothing but what you can carry on your back, pilgrims from around the world make this trek each year. Hear how one person prepared for this journey; faced the physical as well as mental challenges of this journey; gained insights from being “unplugged”; and was inspired by the beauty of the Spanish countryside and the hospitality of those she met. Perhaps be inspired to make a pilgrimage yourself. (May include a few photos taken along the way.)

Speaking at 10 AM and 7 PM

In the image of Imana by Igihozo Gloria

You wake up on a sunny morning to find death knocking on your door. You have less than a day to flee to safety with a baby, two toddlers, and the little you have left. Learn about the journey of a single mother in a refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and her struggle to regain independence

Speaking at Special Session at NOON

The Semicolon by Rocky Allinger

Semicolons are used to signal where you could have used a period but instead chose to continue the sentence. My father's suicide forced me to make that choice for myself 7 years ago. How do you continue your life when your mind is trying to convince you to end it?

Speaking at 10 AM and 3 PM

My Time with the First President by Sarah Myers

 I was a fresh, eager graduate blessed with three job offers. I took the one that paid the least and took me the farthest away from home. The adventure of the experience was worth the tradeoffs. At the newly established presidential library for George Washington, I had national treasures at my fingertips. I learned a lot about "George" and even more about myself.

Speaking at 10 AM and 3 PM

Stranger Things: Hollywood Edition by Kevin Villegas

Fact is stranger than fiction. This is the account of one man’s experience with the paranormal as he spent six years living, working and ministering in the City of the Angels. Learn about the hidden forces he encountered and how it served to shape his understanding of the world moving forward.

Speaking at 3 PM and 7 PM