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Events and Exhibits: Current and Upcoming

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Current Exhibits


Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive (August-September)

The Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive at Murray Library was created from the extensive student book art created under Hettinga's direction.  These works reveal the remarkable depths of meaning and beauty created by her students in response to Hettinga's guidance and direction.  



Trophy Case:

Messiah History (August-September)

"Remember When... Messiah then and now" is a display celebrating the history of Messiah as we transition to a university.  Lots of great memorabilia throughout the years.




Henrietta Lacks (August-September)

"Are your cells you?"  This display highlights the FYS book this year "The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks".



Great Reads:

Ebooks / QR codes (August-September)

Did you know that you can access over 500,000 ebooks through our library's website?  Right now we are highlighting books related to the Centennial of Women's right to vote.  QR codes are included so that you can check out any of the books on display.





















Upcoming Events