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Education: EDUC 347

A guide to research and resources in the field of education

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) publishes grade-range-specific journals (Science & Children, Science Scope, The Science Teacher), as well as Connected Science Learning, which bridges in-school and out-of-school science teaching and learning.

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Find scholarly and credible research on topics in science education. These journals are found in Murray Library's collection.

Science Education Research Journals

Cultural Studies of Science Education (01/01/2006 – present) Examines science education as a cultural, cross-age, cross-class, and cross-disciplinary phenomenon.

Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (09/01/2001 – present) Formerly Electronic Journal of Science Education. Explores issues in science, mathematics, & environmental education.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Environmental and Science Education (2019 – present). Formerly International Journal of Environmental & Science Education. All aspects of environmental, science and technology education.

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching (1996-2008) Abstracts only, available from publisher. Use of information technology in the teaching of mathematics and science.

Journal of Research in Science Teaching (2012 – present, with 1 year embargo) The official publication of National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST)  ISSN: 0022-4308

Journal of Science Education and Technology (01/01/1997 – present) Publishes a broad range of papers covering theory and practice in order to facilitate future efforts of individuals and groups involved in the field.

Journal of Science Teacher Education (2000-2016) Association for Education of Teachers of Science

Journal of Science Teacher Education (2000-2016) The official journal of the Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)

Research in Science Education (1997 – present) ISSN: 0157-244X, 1573-1898.

Research in Science Education (1997-present) Australasian Science Education Research Association

School Science and Mathematics (1999 - present, with 1 year embargo) School Science and Mathematics Association

Science & Education (1997 – present) Research using historical, philosophical, and sociological approaches to improve teaching.

Science Education (2006 – present, with 1 year embargo) Issues and trends occurring internationally in science curriculum, instruction, learning, policy, and preparation of science teachers.

Science Educator (2006-present) National Science Educator Leadership Association

Messiah's Murray Library has a collection of elementary and secondary science textbooks.  These are arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification.  Science texts have a call number in the 500s. For your purposes, you can narrow your search to this location: Texts-Elementary

These subject headings may be useful to you:

The Library also has sections dedicated to Teaching Resources and Kit which will assist in lesson plan development and hands-on learning.

These sources are not scholarly, but may give you a good idea of current research trends and topics.

Scientific American

Popular Science

Science News

NPR Science News

National Science Foundation - Discoveries