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Honors Papers, Theses: Graduate Theses



Submit your paper

You will need your Messiah Login to complete this submission. Click here or the button above.

By giving your permissions, your content may be uploaded to Mosaic, the institutional repository for Messiah University. Your academic or creative work may have online exposure which provides you with a valuable tool to show employers, while also providing free access to users around the world.

(OPTIONAL) Graduate students may also choose to submit theses to UMI/Proquest. This is a national database of graduate theses and dissertations that will increase the visibility of your graduate research by indexing your thesis in prominent databases, Google, and Google Scholar. This is a free service. A librarian can help you complete this separate submission process.

Submitting Theses to Murray Library

Murray Library accepts and stores electronic copies of theses submitted by students. Theses will be added to and discoverable in Mosaic, Messiah's Institutional Repository. In addition to submitting your thesis to the Graduate Program, a second copy should be submitted via the online form to Sarah Myers for archiving. The format should be PDF. If the project requires a different file format, please include a description of the file/format used, so that it can be properly stored and accessed in the future.

Copyright Permission: Because the library stores copies of students' papers in an electronic format and links to the electronic documents in Mosaic, students must grant copyright permission so that the library may properly maintain and provide access to the copies of their documents online. Students should either print this out and return it with their signature, or copy it into their submission email to Sarah Myers stating that they agree to it:

"I give permission for public access to my thesis and for Messiah College to maintain and provide access in electronic format for online use. In granting this limited permission, my intention is not to surrender my intellectual property rights, but to promote scholarship by providing electronic copies for personal study and not-for-profit education use. By providing this permission, I also certify that, to the best of my knowledge, my work does not infringe upon any third-party copyright."

Submitting Theses to UMI/Proquest

  1. Confirm that you have gathered all documentation necessary to submit your paper
    • A PDF copy of your thesis. This must be a single file. If your manuscript is in Word or other format, convert it to pdf through personal software or through the pdf conversion option at the UMI website. Contact the librarian with any questions about this conversion.
    • Abstract
    • Optional Supplementary files (images, data, etc.) that are an integral part of the thesis, but not part of the full text.
    • Advisor and other Committee Members' Names
  2. Go to the UMI ETD Administrator website;
  3. Select the “Submit my Dissertation/Thesis” link
  4. Create a “New Student Account”
    • Email address
    • Name,
    • Username and Password
  5. Select Publishing Option – traditional versus open access. Please note that the traditional publishing option is a free option; requestors who wish to read your thesis will be charged and you will receive royalties. On the other hand, if you choose the open access option it will cost you $95, but readers will be able to access the document for free. Also select whether you want the document to be discoverable through Google and other major internet search engines.
  6. Accept the publishing agreement/contract. The Agreement that is provided to you will depend upon the publishing model you selected in step number 5.
  7. Enter your contact information. Please use a permanent email address (not your email address).
  8. Enter thesis details
    • Title.
    • Year Manuscript Completed.
    • Degree date, Degree Awarded and Department. Note: If the correct degree or department is not available on the drop-down list(s), do not continue with the submission. Save your work up until this point and contact the Librarian. The Librarian will correct the drop-down list(s) and you may continue the submission at that time.
    • Advisor and Committee member names.
    • Subject Categories. Select from the drop-down lists.
    • Keywords. Enter additional keywords that describe your thesis. This will be included in the databases and will help others discover your work, so choose descriptive keywords. Contact the librarian for assistance in thinking of good keywords if needed.
    • Abstract. Copy and paste the abstract. This will appear in database records.
    • Language. English is the default language. Choose another primary language as appropriate.
  9. Upload a PDF file of your thesis. If your manuscript is in Word or other format, convert it to PDFthrough personal software or through the PDF conversion option at the UMI website. Contact the librarian with any questions about this conversion. Also, upload any copyright permission documents if copyright permissions were required and granted for any part of your thesis, and are not already part of the uploaded document.
  10. Upload supplemental document as needed. Select media type.
    • Do not upload files that someone else holds rights to without explicit copyright permission.
    • Zip large files, a large group of files, or files that have a directory structure.
  11. Enter any notes that you wish the librarian to see before the document is approved for submission to UMI/Proquest.
  12. Select whether you wish UMI/Proquest to file for copyright for your publication with the United State Copyright Office on your behalf. This is optional. If you choose to request this service, you will be charged $55 from UMI.
  13. Order Copies of your thesis. This is optional. If you choose to order print and bound copies of your publication, you will be charged a fee from UMI.
  14. Submit Thesis.
  15. The librarian assigned as administrator for this service (see the Ask Me box above) will review your submission. The librarian may contact you with questions or suggested changes. After approval, the librarian will submit your thesis to UMI/Proquest for storage in their national thesis and dissertation database. This will increase the visibility of your graduate research by indexing your thesis in prominent databases such as ERIC or PsycInfo.
  16. Please contact the librarian assigned as administrator with any questions you may have about this process.

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