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Popular Culture and Gender Studies: Home

This page describes older journals, magazines and newspapers in the library that document popular culture and gender studies. Articles provide primary documentation of prevailing views of the time period, and visual evidence of popular culture.

Uses for Popular Culture and Gender Studies Research

  • Primary historical research
  • Set and clothing design in theatre for historical accuracy
  • Advertising and cultural norms (ex: portrayal of women and minorities, cigarettes)
  • Portrayal of women's roles and gender stereotypes within historical and cultural context
  • Portrayal of ethnic identity and stereotypes within historical and cultural context
  • Art and Design

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How to Find a Journal Article When You Know the Citation Information

If you have a journal article citation, but don't know if we have that specific journal, or don't know where the journal is online or in print, search the Journal Titles A-Z list.

Other Online Resources

Popular Culture / Gender Studies Journals and Magazines

Browse through these historic journals to find primary documentation of popular culture and the role of women and minorities within society during a specific time period. To locate journals from the titles below, search for the journal title in the Periodicals List link in the "Do We Have a Specific Journal" box on the left.

Search Databases and Indexes

Search these databases to find articles from magazines or journals about popular culture and gender studies. In particular, the Readers Guide database allows you to search for magazine articles that were popular in the past.