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Institutional Repository: For Student/Alumni Submitters

Information for Alumni

Nominate your best research or creative works!

Any alumni submissions must:

  • Have been created during your tenure as a student of Messiah College
  • Submitted to the IR in a digital format
  • Have current or enduring research value to a wider audience

The work will automatically be assigned for review to the undergraduate department, non-departmental program, or graduate program from which the work originated or is most closely aligned within the present day departmental structure.   Alumni will be notified by email with a decision regarding the status of their submission.      

Please upload using this form (TBD).

For Students

You should be proud of your work. If you want to share it with a wider audience, let us help you do it. Submit your finest research or creative work to the Institutional Repository.

There will soon be a link to submit your work.

Please continue to use the Honors Paper submission page

The institutional repository will accept:

  • Graduate theses or projects
  • Honors papers or projects
  • Conference papers or posters
  • Undergraduate research projects
  • Exceptional student work from any course

If your professor, advisor, mentor, or supervisor nominates your work for inclusion in Mosaic, you should feel honored! Congratulations! Let us share it with the world!

  1. Complete the online release form. We find that authors describe their work best, so please help us do that by providing keywords and an abstract. The form also grants us a "nonexclusive license" to share your work online. This means that you still own copyright and can do what you want with it in the future.
    • If you have concerns sharing your work worldwide, you have the option to embargo it for several years or share it only with the Messiah College network.
  2. There is an opportunity to upload your work in the release form. If it is too large, please send to Sarah Myers as an email attachment.
  3. After we post your work, be sure to link in your resume, graduate school applications, online portfolio, and social media.


As an author, you retain all copyright of your work. Materials in the repository are available for scholarly and research use only.  You do not relinquish copyright when sharing their work in an institutional repository.  The work is still yours to do with as you please. You may continue to revise it and even to submit it for publication in a journal.

Options for Creative Commons Licenses

You choose what combination is best for you. We recommend two options:

Creative Commons License This lets others remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as they credit the author(s) and license their new creations under the identical terms (More protective)

Creative Commons License This lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. (More open)

Submitter and Institutional Rights to Take Down

Messiah College may remove my content from the repository without notice. Likewise, any submitter can notify Messiah in writing and request that their content be removed as soon as practical.

Get excited! Your work will be found in all major search engines, including Google and Google Scholar.

  • Permanent  and visible record of best works through permanent URLs
  • Learn introductory knowledge of the publishing process
  • Exposure for future collaborations or employment
  • Share free, open, quality content around the world

Research supervisors, professors, mentors, or advisors:

  • Nominate exemplary student work (via form TBD)
  • Review and approve work of students who self-nominate

Departments or Schools are responsible to:

  • Provide final approval of each submission
  • Determine their own review criteria or qualifications of exemplary content for their field/discipline
  • Approve work of alumni who self-nominate post-graduation
  • Referee alumni work on its current or enduring research value to users

Academic student or alumni works will only be published in the repository after this two step approval. The repository intends to exemplify the best scholarship and creative works produced by undergraduate and graduate students of Messiah College.  Students will be notified by email from the IR manager with a decision regarding the status of their submission.


We want this to be a smooth and easy process. You should be proud of your efforts and we want to share them widely.

Send any questions, concerns, or comments about the institutional repository to Librarian Sarah Myers at

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Link your outstanding work in your resume, graduate school applications, online portfolio, and social media!