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Events and Exhibits: Archives

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Trivia Night (September)
Students and staff put their knowledge to the test at Trivia Night on September 22.  There were four rounds of trivia in a variety of categories.  Prizes were given to the top three teams.



Seed Library Lunch & Learn (November)
Folks enjoyed a lunch and learn with Mt. Airy Orchards and sampled different varieties of apples.



Luau in the Library (November)
Murray Library and SAB hosted a Hawaiian themed movie night on November 17th.  Students enjoyed Hawaiian themed activities including coconut bowling and Hula lessons, followed by a viewing of the Disney classic, Moana.  Donations were accepted for the Maui Food Bank to aid victims of the Maui fire.



CrafTea (December)
Students made wreaths from book pages, while enjoying tea and scones.


Handbell Mini-Christmas Concert (December)
The library hosted live Christmas music on December 6th from 4:30-5pm in the Cafe Diem area thanks to the MU handbell choir directed by Shawn Gingrich.  Christmas cookies were available.


Exam Cram (December)
The library was open extended hours for finals from Dec 10-12.  De-stressing activities, along with late-night snacks, were available.


Bingo Night (February)
Approximately 85 students enjoyed 10 rounds of bingo on February 2, 2024.  Students played on homemade bingo boards painted on recycled cardboard and cards were marked with Skittles.  Students from the Sustainability Office were the bingo callers and also presented sustainable facts between rounds.  Prizes included honey, bees wax lip balm, gift cards (provided by Murray), and Grantham Garden shirts.  Lemonade, brownies, and bananas were available as snacks.  All supplies and snacks were biodegradable / compostable.


Trivia Night (September)

Students and staff enjoyed putting their knowledge to the test at Trivia Night on September 16, 2022.  There were four rounds of trivia including General Knowledge, Music sound clips, and a Puzzle.  Three MU clubs (History Club, Asian Student Alliance, La Alianza Latina) submitted bonus questions.  In between each round, there were different sweet or savory snack options provided.  Prizes were given to the top 3 teams.



CLUE (November)

Students worked in teams to solve a mystery by going through evidence and following clues, all while learning about the learning along the way.        


CrafTea (December)

Students gathered on December 2 from 2-4pm in the Cafe Diem area, creating crafts from old books and puzzles.  Tea and homemade scones were available for all to enjoy.



Christmas Music with MU Handbell Quartet (December)

Students and staff enjoyed a handbell quartet mini-Christmas concert on December 7 from 4:30-5:00pm in the Cafe Diem area.  Cookies were provided.


Trivia (January)

We had 25 teams of 2-6 players, for a total of 125 attendees!  There were a broad range of questions, including a puzzle round of phobias.



Bingo (February)

Murray Library and Sustainability held a Bingo event on Friday February 3.  There were 10 rounds with prizes awarded to the winner of each round.  Snacks were provided.  The event was fun and a huge success! 



Mini Golf (March)

Murray Library hosted Mini Golf in the Stacks on March 17th.  Holes were hosted by departments across campus and 137 students participated.



Seed Library Events (March)

Murray Library's Seed Library hosted two events on March 21: Sow and Grow from 12-1pm (patrons had the opportunity to plant their own Bachelor's Button, Victorian Posy, or German Chamomile seed and learned more about the seed library) AND Inaugural Seed Library Lecture from 5-6pm (Brandon Hoover, Director of Sustainability, discussed the value of seed saving, the community of growing one's food, the way we share knowledge in the food system, and the role of the liberal arts in food system education).



Human Library (April)

On Wednesday April 5, Murray Library and the Office of Diversity Affairs hosted the Human Library.  The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.  Approximately 150 individuals participated as books and readers.



Fueled by Failure (April)

On April 6, the Office of Student Success and Murray Library hosted the Fueled by Failure Panel event, which featured five current students who experienced failure in one way or another, but used that failure to propel them into something new.



Grad Night (May)














Trivia Night (October)

Students and staff enjoyed putting their knowledge to the test at Trivia Night on October 8, 2021.  There were four rounds of trivia in a variety of categories.  Trivia included special questions about Messiah University to celebrate Homecoming Weekend.  Prizes were given to the top 3 teams.



Fueled by Failure Panel (October)

The Office of Student Success and Murray Library presented a panel event entitled "Fueled by Failure: Unlikely Paths to Success" on Wednesday October 27, 2021 from 7-8pm in the Cafe Diem area of Murray Library.  Six panelists shared their stories of failure and how God used those failures to bring them to new and better places.  Panelists included: Amy Nichols (Director of International Student Programs), Lyndsay Grimm (Director of Residence Life), Robin Lauermann (Professor of Politics), Donald Pratt (Retired Professor of Engineering), Isabelle Meredith (Adjunct Instructor in Language, Literature and Writing), and Jay McClymont (Director of Alumni and Parent Relations).


CLUE (November)

What a fun night in Murray Library as 75 students worked in teams to solve a mystery by pouring through evidence and following clues, all while learning about the library along the way.  




CrafTea (December)

Students gathered on December 3 from 3-6pm in the Cafe Diem area, creating crafts from book pages and enjoying tea and scones.  



Bridge to Freedom Dedication & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (January)

“Freedom is not a state; it is an act. It is not some enchanted garden perched high on a distant plateau where we can finally sit down and rest.  Freedom is the continuous action we all must take and each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, more just society.” These words from the late Senator John Lewis grace the entrance to a redesigned space at Messiah University’s Murray Library.

On Tuesday, January 18, a dedication ceremony was held to unveil a new reading space and children’s collection.  The Bridge to Freedom Collection provides educational resources for children centered on the Civil Rights Movement and other historical experiences with themes of equality, freedom, justice, and reconciliation. The dedication event featured a ribbon cutting ceremony and remarks from campus leaders. About 75 attendees from the campus and local community heard from University President Dr. Kim S. Phipps, Library Director Linda Poston, Vice President for Diversity Affairs Dr. Todd Allen, and Teaching Ministries Pastor Emily Bingham. 

This collection was generously established through the donation of 133 children's books from Dr. Todd, Lonette, and Bryce Allen.  Dr. Allen is founder of the Common Ground Project, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching the history of the Civil Rights Movement. He initiated the creation of the Bridge to Freedom collection after he, Library Director Linda Poston, and other Messiah colleagues returned from a summer 2021 tour of Civil Rights historic sites throughout the southern states.   Linda Poston states, “One of my favorite photos from the dedication ceremony and reception is of a little girl absorbed in reading one of the books.  That’s what it’s all about and that is what makes it worthwhile!”

The resources will be primarily used by students in the university’s education department for coursework and field experiences, yet the reading space and books are open to all.  From brightly colored furniture to framed prints of book illustrations, the welcoming collection and space is meant for readers to enter into stories that illustrate the human experience. The public may visit the Bridge to Freedom Room within Murray Library during regular open hours.  The collection will continue to grow with new additions each year. 






Trivia Night (February)

Students and staff enjoyed putting their knowledge to the test at Trivia Night on February 4, 2022.  Trivia included questions about sports, movies, music, books, and more.  Prizes were given to the top 3 teams.



Bias in the Stacks: Seeking Justice on the Shelves (February)

Words Matter.  How has language reinforced bias in the ways we find information?  How does the language we use in searching reinforce marginalization?  In what ways can libraries reconcile the inequalities to be inclusive of diverse and multicultural perspectives?  Representing libraries and archives, guest speakers including Liz Kielley, Sarah K. Myers, Devin Manzullo-Thomas, Bernadette Lear (PSU-Hbg), and Rob Lesher '93 (PA Library Assoc.) discussed these topics.



Bingo (February)

Murray Library and Sustainability held a Bingo event on Friday February 25.  There were 10 rounds with prizes awarded to the winner of each round.  Snacks were provided.  The event was fun and a huge success! 



Story Spotlight Night (March)

Minds Matter Banquet Initiative sponsored Story Spotlight Night in Murray Library on March 24.  Students shared stories about how disabilities have impacted their lives while letting others listen and learn.  Free pizza and cookies were provided.


Mini Golf (March)

Murray Library hosted Mini Golf in the Stacks on March 25th.  Holes were hosted by departments across campus and 140 students participated.


National Library Week (April)

The theme for National Library Week was "Connect with Your Library."  Throughout April 4-8, the Murray Library team had some fun events and challenges for the Messiah community.  There were daily challenges on Instagram and throughout the building.  Each day from noon - 1PM, the library staff hosted a table in the foyer, with opportunities to chat and win prizes.  



1950s Night (April)

Murray Library celebrated the 1950s US Census, which was released 72 years after its creation per federal law on April 1.  Staff and students got involved by transcribing the records to find parents, grandparents, and neighbors in the Census.  The event was held on Friday, April 22 from 7 to 9 PM.  The main level of the library had loads of 1950s fun activities, like board games, snacks, music, and a movie.



Senior Night (May)







Photo Scavenger Hunt (September-October)

Students enjoyed finding items from a scavenger hunt list in Murray Library.  The hunt lasted for a month and students took photographs to document their adventures.


Banned Books: Game of Quotes (September-October)

Banned Books Week (Sept 28 - Oct 2) is the annual celebration of the freedom to read.  It spotlights current and historical attempts to censor books in libraries and schools.  During this week, Murray Library offered a fun matching game of quotes from classic, frequently challenged books.  Participants matched the quote to the book and entries were entered into a drawing for a free Cafe Diem drink.



Trivia (September-November)

Murray Library had a weekly trivia question about Messiah University every Monday morning.  Employees and students submitted responses in the trivia box, which was located right inside the library doors.  Weekly winners received a free Cafe Diem beverage and all entries were entered into a drawing at the end of the semester for MU swag.



CrafTea to Go (September-November)

CrafTea to Go was held on September 25, October 16, and November 20.  Library staff put together book craft kits that students could complete on their own time and included everything they needed to make the craft, as well as a tea bag and treat.  

September: Book Art Heart



October: Bracelet



November: Woven Snowflake



Bingo (November)

Murray Library held a socially-distanced Bingo event on Friday November 13.  Prizes were awarded to the winner of each round and snack bags were provided.  The event was fun and a huge success!



CrafTea to Go (February-April)

CrafTea to Go was held on February 12, March 12, and April 9.  Library staff put together book craft kits that students could complete on their own time and included everything they needed to make the craft, as well as a tea bag and treat.  

February: Paper Rose


March: Pinwheel


April: Book folded heart or butterfly


Mini Golf (March)

Murray Library hosted Mini Golf in the Stacks event on March 5th.  Holes were hosted by departments across campus and 166 students participated.


Human Library (March)

The Office of Diversity Affairs in partnership with Murray Library presented the Human Library on March 24th.  The virtual event gave an opportunity to "read" living books as Messiah University employees, students and alumni shared their stories.


National Library Week (April)

The theme for National Library Week (April 4-10, 2021), "Welcome to Your Library," promoted the idea that libraries extend far beyond the four walls of a building.  




Murray Library hosted a Bingo event on Friday, April 16th.  There were two rounds: 7-8pm & 8:30-9:30pm. Snack bags were provided and great prizes given for winners of each round.   















Open Access Events (October)

On October 23rd & 24th Murray Library hosted two Open Access events. We had a panel involving faculty who have adopted either open access textbooks or e-books available from the library.  Attendees enjoyed good discussion and learned worthwhile information.  The film "Paywall: The Business of Scholarship", was shown and focused on the need for open access to scholarship and exposed the $25.2 billion that flows into for-profit academic publlishers. 



CLUE (November)

It was Miss Scarlett in the Engle Collection room with the lead pipe!  What a fun night in Murray Library as 79 students worked in teams to solve the mystery of who killed Candace Keller (AKA Ashley Sider).  They poured through evidence and followed clues, all while learning about the library along the way.  This is one of our most popular events and we couldn't do it without our theatrical library staff (as well as a couple of staff spouses).



CrafTea (December)

Students made Christmas wreaths from book pages and enjoyed tea and scones.





"Love Your Neighbors: Immigrant Stories" (February)

February 18th, 7:15-8:30pm, held on the library's main level

Immigration is an important and sensitive topic in our country's current narrative and too often there is an incorrect perception that most immigrants are here illegally.  To counter this, the Library, in partnership with the Peace and Conflict Studies program, planned a program featuring and honoring immigrants' stories as part of the Humanities Symposium on vulnerability and security.  In an effort to demystify who immigrants and neighbors are, and to add depth and story to some of the immigrants in our own community, 4 individuals from our Messiah community were invited to tell their stories.  From different regions of the world, of different ages and backgrounds, the diversity of our speakers' experiences represented just how different the paths of those who come to the United States are.  


Mini-Golf (February)

Murray Library hosted the 4th annual Mini Golf in the Stacks event on February 28th.  Holes were hosted by departments across campus and students voted for their favorites.





Mini-Golf in the Stacks (March)  





Dannielle Vincent, Book Artist (March)

Murray Library and College Press collaborated on a unique opportunity.  On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, book crafter Dannielle Vincent spoke about and demonstrated her work in creatively altering and repurposing books.  Her hand-folded book art and patterns caught the attention of the Longwood Gardens staff, who commissioned her to be the first artist ever to make pieces for their Christmas exhibits.  Through video and hands-on demonstration, Dannielle demonstrated how she creates a pattern and then folds a book to create a work of art, and also spoke about the steps of starting an online business.  









Geek the Library (September)



Game Night (September)



Clue (October)




CrafTea (December)



Exam Cram (December)



Mini-Golf in the Stacks (February)



















Clue (March)






Bridge to Freedom Children's Collection: Civil Rights through Children's Literature (January / February)

Trophy Case:




Honoring Civil Rights with Artists' Books (January - April)




Fall in LOVE with a good book (February)





Notable Women In Stem (March)




Sustainability Department Display (March / April)

Trophy Case:


Borrow and Bloom - Seed Library (April / May)


Artists' Books (ART 217 /  Digital Imaging - Spring 2023) (June-August)

Trophy Case:


Dive Into Summer Reading (June-August)



Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive (June-August)




You Are Here - Places to Visit in PA (September)




175th Anniversary of the Death of Edgar A. Poe (October)



Welcome to Murray Library (September-October)

Trophy Case:



Artists' Books (September-December)




Award Winning Children's Literature (November-December)




Coretta Scott King Book Awards (November-December)

Trophy Case:



Service (January/February)


Our foyer display focused on opportunities to follow Dr. King's lead through service here on campus and in the community.



Black Achievement (January/February)

Trophy Case:  

The trophy case display, "Black Achievement: Honoring the past, celebrating the present, inspiring the future" focused on black pioneers of the past as well as the current and future leaders for whom they paved the way.



Children's Collection (January/February)

Great Reads:  

The Great Reads shelf celebrated the library's newest theme room, which houses "The Bridge to Freedom" children's book collection.



African American History (January/February)


Artists' books relating to African American History were on display in the vitrines.



National Parks (March)

Foyer/Great Reads:  

On March 1, 1872, Congress established the very first national park: Yellowstone National Park.  To celebrate, our Foyer and Great Reads displays featured items from our collection that highlight our National Parks.





Ireland (March)

Trophy Case:  

In March we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, by looking at the country that started it all, Ireland.  Our large hallway display highlighted all things Irish - from music and literature to travel and folktales.




Artists' Books (March)


Artists' Books by Brent Good, professor, and Christi Forsythe and Kathy T. Hettinga, retired faculty, were on display.




Sustainability (April)

Foyer Display / Trophy Case / Great Reads:

Displays were created by Messiah University's Sustainability Department.

Foyer Display 


Trophy Case


Great Reads



Artists' Books (April-May)




Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)

Foyer/Great Reads:



Great Reads:



1950 Census: Messiah Bible College (Summer)




Summer Reads (Summer)

Great Reads:



Oakes Museum (Summer)

Trophy Case:




Artists' Books (Summer-Fall)




Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month (September)

Foyer and Great Reads:  



Golden Books (October-November)

Trophy Case:


Invisible Disabilities Awareness 2022 (October) 



Native American Heritage Month (November)



Favorite Library Staff Recipes (December)

Trophy Case: 


Christmas Books (December)



Reading in a Winter Wonderland (December 2022 / January 2023)



Book Awards (February)


February was Book Award month and Murray Library displayed some past winners of the Pulitzer, Caldecott, Newberry and Booker awards.



Civil Rights Movement (February)

Great Reads:

Our Great Reads display featured E-books about extraordinary heroes of the civil rights movement.



Black History (February)


Artists’ Books celebrating Black History were showcased in the vitrines.



Minerals (February)

Trophy Case:

This display was filled with minerals from the Oakes Museum of Natural History, which is a real gem on Messiah’s campus!



Book Page Designs (February)

Document Cases:

Book Page Designs were on display.



Ceramics (March)

Trophy Case:    

Ceramic works created by some of Messiah's art students were on display.



Women's History Month (March)

Foyer & Great Reads: 

These two displays highlighted women authors.





Artists' Books celebrating women authors were showcased in the vitrines.  The books are part of the Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Books Archive.



Autism Acceptance Month (April)

Foyer & Great Reads:   

The library and the office of Academic Accessibility celebrated Autism Acceptance month with writings and poems from some of our students as well as resources that helped us celebrate and understand Autism in a new way.



Poetry (April)


Artists' Books highlighting poetry were on display.  Pieces included Poppyrose, Twelve Poems, Bent like the River, and This Quiet Now ; The Poetry Book.




Artists' Books (April)

Trophy Case:   

Artists' books created by some of Messiah's art students were highlighted in the Trophy Case.



Photography Contest (April)  

Murray Library hosted the Oakes Museum, Sustainability office and Earthkeepers Photography Contest.



Summer Olympics (Summer)

Trophy Case:

The summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan and our trophy case display shared information about the history of the event as well as some information about the location.



Road Trips (Summer/September)


We featured local attractions for road trips.



Audiobooks (Summer)

Great Reads: 

The Great Reads display included audiobooks for summer road trips.



Artists' Books (Summer)


A variety of Artists' Books from Murray Library's collection were on display.



Money Exhibit (September)

Trophy Case: 

During the month of September in our large display area, we featured an exhibit that highlighted the anthropology and history of currency that was curated by Business Professor Emil Berendt.



Reconciliation (September/October)

Great Reads: 

We celebrated this year's theme of Reconciliation.  Books focused on forgiveness and reconciliation of our neighbors near and far, as well as God's creation.



Artists' Books (September)


The Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive at Murray Library was created from the extensive student book art created under her direction.  These works reveal the surprising depths of meaning and beauty created by her students.  A sampling of books were displayed in the vitrines.



ADHD Awareness Month (October)


The foyer's display highlighted ADHD Awareness Month.



Special Collections (October)

Vitrines/Document Cases:  

Four of Murray's collections were showcased in these display areas: Artists' Books, Engle Collection, Neidhardt Collection, and Canadian Literature.



WDW 50TH Anniversary (October/November)

Trophy Case:  

October 1, 2021 marked Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary.  We showcased our collection of Disney related books, DVDs and Scores.



Picturing Women Inventors poster display (November)  

Picturing Women Inventors is a series of eight posters that explores the inventions of 19 highly accomplished American women.  The exhibit was available on the main level of Murray Library throughout November.  Astronauts, computer pioneers, and businesswomen join athletes, engineers, and even teenagers in this remarkable group of inventors. The poster exhibition revealed the hidden inventors’ stories and, in the process, helped redefine who gets to be an inventor.   Picturing Women Inventors was organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service in collaboration with the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation. Special thanks to Dwayne Magee and Messiah Press for partnering for this exhibit.



Women Inventors (November/December)

Great Reads / Foyer:  

Both the Great Reads and Foyer displays were a tribute to women inventors throughout history. Around the world and across history, innovative women have imagined, developed, tested, and perfected their creations, and yet most of us would be hard pressed to name even a single woman inventor. In fact, women inventors are behind many of the products and technologies used every day! From life rafts to disposable diapers to rocket fuel, women have invented amazing things — but they're also responsible for some of the products we use for day to day life. In fact, if you use GPS on your cell phone, turn on windshield wipers when you drive in the rain, or eat a chocolate chip cookie, you can thank the woman behind them!




Artists' Books (November)


A sampling of Murray's artists' books were on display in the vitrines.



Nativities (December)

Trophy Case

Murray Library featured a nativity display highlighting creches from around the world. 



Christmas Books (December)


Christmas pop-up books were on display in the vitrines for the month of December.


Civil Rights Displays (January)

Murray Library featured displays celebrating the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights era. 

Trophy Case:



Great Reads:






"Love Thy Neighbor: Immigrant Stories" (February)

Trophy Case:

This display included stories from the Messiah community that shared experiences in coming to the United States, as well as photos and keepsakes from around the world.  Also, books were on display in the Great Reads section that told more immigrant stories.





The Friends of Murray Library have greatly enhanced the Library's collections over the years, particularly in the purchase of artists' books, and the Library was pleased to feature this, the latest gift from Friends.  Tona Wilson's Stories Behind Bars was inspired by the artist's own work as a Spanish translator in the U.S. court system.  It tells stories of immigrants in the U.S. prisons and jails that give the reader an insight into the complex issues surrounding the immigration debate.  Four booklets tell four different stories: "In jail tonight", "Being removed", "Clippings for Amalia", and "Acronyms and sketches".  These stories include a brief history of immigration detention, a young man being deported using video teleconferencing, and life stories based on the meaning of acronyms.



Document Cases:


          Philip Zimmerman, Sanctus Sonorensis                                             Tatana Kellner, Iron


Foyer (February):

Artists' books created by Messiah students were on display.



Money Exhibit (March)

Trophy Case:

This display included traditional and contemporary money, with a relation to history, religion, culture, and other aspects of society.



Women In Stem (March)


Our Women's History Month displays focused on women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  The foyer and Great Reads shelves featured books about women in history who broke barriers in chemistry, physics and more, as well as books on the challenges women have faced in these professions.




Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive (August-September)


The Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive at Murray Library was created from the extensive student book art created under Hettinga's direction.  These works reveal the remarkable depths of meaning and beauty created by her students in response to Hettinga's guidance and direction.  



Messiah History (August-November)

"Remember When... Messiah Then and Now" is a display celebrating the history of Messiah as we transition to a university.  Lots of great memorabilia throughout the years.

Trophy Case:



Henrietta Lacks (August-September)

"Are your cells you?"  This display highlights the FYS book this year "The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks".




Ebooks / QR codes (August-September)

Did you know that you can access over 500,000 ebooks through our library's website?  Right now we are highlighting books related to the Centennial of Women's right to vote.  QR codes are included so that you can check out any of the books on display.

Great Reads:



Voting in 2020 (October-November)


In the foyer, we highlighted Voting in 2020 with books that focused on the importance of voting and voting history in the US. 



WWII (October-November)

Great Reads:

In the Great Reads display, we highlighted books from our E-book collection about WWII to go along with the Poster collection that was shown in the Learning Commons area of the library.  Individuals could "check out" these books by using a QR code located on each book description.



Document Cases (October-November):

The document cases highlighted the story of the Sakimura family, who were a Japanese family that was a part of the Messiah Community during WWII.  They have quite a story, and it is one that we can learn from today.


Vitrines (October-November):

Artists' Books highlighting WWII were showcased in the vitrines.  One featured book, Kaddish by Jenni Lukac, shares family photographs and memories of six Holocaust survivors.  











Meet Our Staff (August-September)

This foyer display showcased the Murray Library staff!


Banned Books Week Display (August-September)



Artist's Books by Kathy T. Hettinga (August-October)

Kathy T. Hettinga is an award-winning artist in design, artists' books, digital images/prints, and photography.  Hettinga has been twice awarded the Distinguished Professor of Art in the School of the Arts at Messiah College where she taught for 29 years.  Her books were on display in the vitrines on the main level.


                                                                                                           4 3 2 Cry: Fracking In Northern Colorado

             Cupid's Cay, Bahamas 1994-2007


Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive (August-November)

The Kathy T. Hettinga Student Artists' Book Archive at Murray Library was created from the extensive student book art created under her direction.  These works reveal the remarkable depths of meaning and beauty created by her students in response to Hettinga's guidance and direction.  The Archive was displayed in the trophy case and document cases.


                                                                                                                  Book of Constant Discourse by Patrice King



      Knock Knock: An Alphabet Prayer Book by Emily Pratt                           The Greatest of These by Abigail Zoebisch


170th Anniversary of the Death of Edgar Allan Poe (October)

Poe is best remembered for his tales of terror and haunting poems, but he is also credited as one of the earliest writers of short stories, inventor of the modern detective story, and an innovator in the genre of science fiction.  Works written and inspired by Poe were displayed in the Foyer and at the Great Reads shelf.



Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Right to Vote (November / Foyer display continued in December)

2019 marks the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment, which stated "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."  To commemorate this momentous event, Murray Library set up displays.  In the library foyer exhibit, the history of the events leading to ratification and some of the impact up until the present were shown.  Just inside the doors, there was a "pop-up exhibit" from the National Archives entitled Rightfully Hers.  And on the "Great Reads" shelves, interesting books on some of the key figures and events in that path to voting rights were available.






Celebrating Women (November)

In honor of Women's suffrage, Artists' Books celebrating women were on display in the vitrines.



Karibu Night: A Night in Africa! (November)

The document cases showcased resources highlighting African cultures.



Nativities (December)

Unique Christmas nativity scenes from around the world were on display in the Trophy Case.





Christmas Resources (December) 

Our "Great Reads" showcased some of the Christmas resources Murray Library has to offer. 



Pop-up Books (December 2019 - January 2020)

Beautiful pop-up books by Robert Sabuda were on display in the vitrines. 










"Looking Back, Moving Forward: The Civil Rights Tour and the Common Good" (February)

For the past 7 years, members of the Messiah community have had the privilege of participating in "Returning to the Roots of Civil Rights," a 10-day tour organized by Dr. Todd Allen.  Tour members meet veterans of the Freedom Rides, sing with one of the original Freedom Singers, and visit key sites in the struggle for civil rights in America, including Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma.  The Library displayed compelling photos and other memborabilia along with moving and challenging reflections drawn from their blogposts.


Handmade Artists' Books: "What is a Book?" (March)

The Library loves it when we can showcase the abilities of our students and faculty!  During the month of March, a collection of books created by students in Prof. Christi Forsythe's Paper Processes Class was on display.  Students used their own handmade paper to creatively explore different book constructions and created books based on nursery rhymes, or used any materials and any book structure to communicate their answer to "What is a Book?

Photo: Humpty Dumpty by Ines Yoon


"The Magic and Craft of Paper and Books" (March)

 Did you know that the Library has a wide range of books on paper arts such as origami, quilling, papermaking, and more?!  Some were featured in this display. 

The Oakes Museum of Natural History (April-August) 

The Oakes Museum of Natural History possesses over 40,000 specimens and artifacts, but much of it is tucked away in storage areas.  This exhibit showcased items that are not usually on display. (In honor of Earth Day)


Genocide Awareness Month (April)

This exhibit showed 20th and 21st century genocides and aimed to raise awareness about genocide and its impact, featuring photographs, books, movies, poems, short stories, and quotes from different genocides across the globe.  This display was part of a series of events organized by the Multicultural Council for Genocide Awareness Month.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)

This display brought to light a time to reflect on how trauma and intimate injustices are present in our communities, even within the Spring-time hope of warmth and rejuvenation.  It also helped viewers consider these experiences often hidden among neighbors, friends, and family.



Library Staff Recommendations (June-August)



Collection Titles (June-August)

Lights...Camera...READ!  This exhibit showcased collection titles that are or will soon hit the big screen as movies, miniseries, or television shows.













Rachel Flowers (September-October)


Banned Books Week (September)


The Birds (October)