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Biblical & Religious Studies: How to search for Biblical people

Searching for Biblical people in Primo

  1. The general rule is to use the first name of the person, and use the search option, "Subject"

       2.   The following are some examples to use in Primo, using the SUBJECT option (commas and parentheses are not necessary in below examples)

  • adam (biblical figure)
  • esther queen of persia
  • jeremiah (biblical prophet)
  • john, the apostle, saint
  • paul, the apostle, saint
  • joseph (son of Jacob)
  • joseph, saint
  • sarah (biblical matriarch)
  • moses (biblical leader)
  • mary, blessed virgin, saint

       3. Other important historical people - again using the SUBJECT option in Primo (commas and parentheses are not necessary)

  • Clement, of Alexandria, Saint
  • Ignatius, Saint, Bishop of Antioch
  • Irenaeus, Saint, Bishop of Lyon
  • Clement I, Pope