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Music: Ethnomusicology


Search tips


  • Be sure to note and search different ways of spelling some words (e.g., voodoo, vodou)
  • Much research is published in languages other than English. Look for a way to limit to English language.

Search for BOOKS ABOUT music of a specific country or group or RECORDINGS OF the music itself.

      >>Search the Library catalog (for items we own)

      >>Search WorldCat (for items not in our library but available through Interlibrary Loan)

  • Search for MUSIC OF A PARTICULAR COUNTRY using SUBJECT BROWSE  (change dropdown menu next to the search box at left to "Subject begins with"):

                         Music--[Country]                                             Examples:  Music--Brazil

                         Folk music--[Country]                                                      Folk music--Kenya

                         Folk songs, [Language]--[COUNTRY]                                Folk songs, Canada   <OR>  Folk songs, French--Canada

                         Popular music--[Country]                                           

  • Search by PEOPLE GROUPS with the term MUSIC using BOOLEAN SEARCH  (change dropdown menu next to the search box at left to "Boolean keyword"):

                     Examples:   Yoruba and music

                                       Griots and music

  •  Search by broader (or narrower) topics--

                     Example:    Music--Dominican Republic [BROAD TERM]

                                          Folk music--Dominican Republic [NARROWER]

                                             Merengues [NARROWER]

Call Numbers to Search Music by Country