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Circulation: Students/Employees

Printing, Scanning, and Copying

Mobility Print

Students can print to campus printers from their personal devices.

Please Note: "Print Anywhere" Copiers are COLOR-print capable, but students will need to go into printer options and select COLOR Print if they really want to print in color. Be sure to check the student pricing schedule for best options.

Copier/Printer Information

For additional information about the new copiers/printers on campus, click here.

For locations of copier/printers on campus, click here.

Library Catalog

Periodicals List (A-Z)

Interlibrary Loan

Obtain books and journal articles from other libraries.

Click here to begin the process.

Renewing Library Materials/Setting up a Library Account

Library materials may be renewed once. The renewal period is the same length of time as the original circulation period. (e.g., if books circulate for 3 weeks, they may be renewed for 3 additional weeks).

Renewals can always be made by calling the circulation department (x3860) or by stopping by the circulation desk. Further, Messiah students and employees (only) may renew items online through the Murray Library catalog, provided the renewal request is initiated before the item's due date. To renew online, users must set up their library account.

Setting up your library account:

  • From within the catalog, click on the My Account tab.
  • Institution ID: key in your ID number which is located on your ID card. If you only have a six-digit ID number, please add two zeros at the beginning. For example, 00123456.
  • After keying in your last name, click on OK.

Renewing Library Materials:

  • Check the box next to each item you want to renew.
    NOTE: If your materials are overdue, your account is automatically blocked. You will need to go to the Library in person in order to have your account unblocked.
  • Click on "Request Renewal" button.
  • New due dates will appear for those items that have been renewed.
    NOTE: Items may only be renewed once.
  • Renew your items


Any current student or employee needing a book already checked out can place a HOLD on the item so that, when it is returned, the requesting patron will be next to get the item.

To place a Hold:

  • place a Hold online; or
  • stop by or call (x3860) the Circulation Desk and have a staff person place a "HOLD" on the item.

Placing a Hold online:

  • When viewing the record for an item in the library catalog, click on the "Make a Request" link in box at right.
  • If you haven't already logged in to your account, the Login screen will appear. Log in.
  • Click on "Hold" button.
  • On "Patron Requests" page that appears, fill in 8-digit ID number (at bottom) and click "Submit."

When item arrives back:

  • Patrons will be notified by campus mail when items they have requested are available for pick up from the Circulation Desk Hold shelf. Items will be held for one week, after which they will be returned to the Library stacks.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 virus, library items must stay in quarantine for 3 days when they arrive back to the library. This includes items that will have a hold placed on them. The 3-day quarantine does not count towards the one week time an item remains on hold.

NOTE: Items that the system says are "Available" or "Discharged" will not be pulled and placed on Hold. Patrons will need to go to the shelves and check the items out on a first come, first served basis.

Fines and Fees for Messiah University Students and Employees

We expect patrons to adhere to due dates and respect the interests of other patrons who may be waiting for items to be returned. If borrowed items are not returned by the due date, they are overdue and our library online system automatically blocks the patron from checking out additional materials until overdue item(s) are returned or renewed.

Example: A book checks out for 3 weeks; its renewal period would be 3 more weeks. A compact disc checks out for 1 week; its renewal period would be 1 more week.

Fines/Fees. Murray Library materials overdue for 60 days or more are automatically marked "lost" in our library system.  These items are subject to a $75 lost item replacement fee.  A non-refundable processing fee of $20 is charged to the patron. Both these fees are assessed per item. This process also applies to severely damaged library materials. If a patron finds and returns the lost item in acceptable condition before a replacement copy has been ordered, the Business Office will be notified to refund the replacement fee only.  All fees are subject to adjustment at the discretion of the Circulation Department.

Paying Fines and Fees:

  • Student - Student library fines and fees are billed through the student business office account.
  • Employee - Employees are not fined for overdue library materials. However employees are charged replacement and processing fees for items that are 60 days or more overdue and/or for items which have been lost or damaged.

Circulation Supervisors

Deb Roof
Circulation Department Supervisor
phone: 717-691-6006 ext. 7293      


Rachael Jasitt
Evening Circulation Supervisor
phone: 717-691-6006 ext. 7017

Keith Jones
Weekend Circulation Supervisor
phone: 717-691-6006 ext. 3861

Circulation Desk

phone: (717) 691-6006, ext. 3860