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Education: Classroom management

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Classroom Management vs. Classroom Discipline

Classroom management refers to the teacher's ability to direct, organize, and facilitate the learning environment and student behavior within a learning context. Curriculum and learning are influenced by how a teacher organizes and designs instruction and how he or she motivates and engages students. It includes the actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social-emotional learning. [From Lassonde, C. A., & Lassonde. (2010). Classroom Management. In C. Kridel (Ed.), Encyclopedia of curriculum studies. Sage Publications. & Evertson, C. M., & Weinstein, C. S.(2006). Classroom management as a field of inquiry. In C. M.Evertson and C. S.Weinstein (Eds.), Handbook of classroom management: Research, practice, and contemporary issues (pp. 3–15). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.]

Classroom discipline is predominantly understood as a form of regulation or control that aims to create and maintain order and that is associated with a whole host of strategies and practices. Schools and preschools put great emphasis on keeping order, and teachers also often rank classroom discipline as more important than teaching. Problems with school discipline are frequently seen by the public as the most serious issue confronting schools and are repeatedly portrayed in the media. The importance placed on classroom discipline has far-reaching consequences for children's identity formation and everyday life in schools.  [From Millei, Z. (2020). Classroom discipline. In D. T. Cook (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of children and childhood studies. Sage UK.]

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Recommended Subject Terms

Use the following terms alone or in combination as a search to retrieve information related to classroom management, behavior management, and restorative justice.

Behavior disorders in children
Behavior modification
Behavior modification -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
Classroom management

Classroom management -- Case studies

Classroom management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
Classroom management -- United States

Educational equalization

Effective teaching
Effective teaching -- United States

Problem children -- Education
Problem children -- Behavior modification
Problem youth -- Education

Problem youth -- Behavior modification

Restorative justice
Rewards and punishments in education
Rewards and punishments in education -- United States
School children -- United States Discipline
School children -- Discipline
School discipline
School discipline -- United States
School psychology
School psychology -- United States
School management and organization
School management and organization -- United States
Students -- United States Psychology

Teacher effectiveness -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
Teacher-student relationships
Teacher-student relationships -- United States

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Classroom Management Resources from:

Additional Online Resources:

5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management That Actually (I Promise You!) Work

Advice from a high school teacher with 6 years of experience.

Classroom Management

Discusses various aspect of classroom management and how it is more than just rules.

Classroom Management: 4 Keys to Starting the Year off Right

Discusses rules, enforcement, and consequences organized into 4 Keys.

Classroom Management Strategies for Difficult Students

Long article from the Association for Meddle Level Education (AMLE)

Classroom Management Strategies for High School Teachers

Tips to improve high school class management skills that will help students to learn more effectively without distractions, bullying, or disrespect. From Resilient Educator website

Reducing Student-Behavior Problems: Notes From a High School Teacher

Advice from Education Week Teacher.

Six Classroom Management Tips Every Teacher Can Use

Classroom management tips to help teachers settle problems, or prevent them from occurring, so that they can spend more of the classroom hour on teaching and learning.

Smart Classroom Management

Website devoted to managing a classroom effectively.

Taming the Chaos: Eight High School Classroom Management Strategies That Work

From the Edmentum website which calls itself the "#1 Curriculum and Assessment Partner for Educators"

Understanding Three Key Classroom Management Theories

Brief descriptions of the classroom management theories of Skinner, Glasser, and Kohn.

What Is Classroom Management?

From the We Are Teachers website, discusses some of the skills and techniques teachers use to manage their classrooms

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