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Ordering: Rush/Priority



running bookIn special cases, items can be made a priority for ordering. These fall into two categories:

Priority order: Specify a need-by date, no notification to requester, placed into circulation.
Rush order: +/- 10 business days; please specify a need-by date, requester notified, put on Hold.

  • The librarian will complete a gold rush card that will be handed to the Acquisitions Technician.  Unless otherwise noted, the Technical Processing Technician will notify the requestor when a rush order is available and the item is put on hold at circulation desk.
  • For priority orders, the requestor is not notified of availability, unless requested, and the item is placed out in the collection.


RUSH items- (Gold Priority card with the word RUSH checked)

Must be ordered as soon as the request is received

Item is to be checked-in, cataloged and physically processed within 48 hours of arrival at the library. Processor will contact the requestor and place item on Hold at the Circulation desk.


Priority items- (Gold Priority Card with the word Priority checked)

Item will be ordered with in 2-3 weeks of receiving the item request or before the specified need-by date.

Item is to be checked-in, cataloged and physically processed ahead of other items (except for Rush items). Processor will place item on the new item shelf (into circulation), unless instructed to place it on Reserve.