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History: Catalog search tips

Library Catalog Search Tips

Below are a few word combinations found in our catalog

(for precision, chose the "Subject begins with..." search index)

  • History Ancient Sources
  • Manuscripts Greek
  • Rome History Empire (then browse for specific time period)
  • Greece history
  • Inscriptions
  • Egypt antiquities
  • Slavery Rome
  • Weapons ancient
  • Latin literature
  • Classical literature
  • Hebrew language

Where to look? Browse the shelves

Call Numbers (Library of Congress classification)

D51–90 Ancient History (General)

  • DA145–147 Roman Britain
  • DC62–63 Roman Gaul

DE The Greco-Roman World

  • DE1–15 General
  • DE27–31 Geography
  • DE46–73 Culture and Civilization
  • DE80–98 History

DF 1-500 Ancient Greece (to c. 323 A.D.)

  • DF10–16 General
  • DF75–135 Civilization & Culture
  • DF207–241 History

DG 1–399 Ancient Italy, Rome to 476 A.D.

  • DG11–16 General
  • DG42–70 Local and Regional History
    • DG61–69 City of Rome
  • DG75–190 Civilization & Culture
  • DG201–365 History
  • DS111–123 Ancient Israel
  • DS275–287 Iran to 651 AD
  • DT57–93 Ancient Egypt, including the Ptolemies (DT92)

Other Places to Look

B108–708 Ancient Philosophy

BL700–820 Classical Religion and Mythology

BR160–240 Early History of Christianity

CJ201–1400 Ancient Numismatics

G82–88 Ancient Geography

G1033 Atlases of the Ancient World

GT530–580 Ancient dress and costume

GV17–35, 573 Ancient Sports and Games

HC31–39 Ancient Economic History

HD132–137 Ancient Economic History (Land)

HF355–381 History of Ancient Trade and Commerce

HN9–10 Ancient Social History

HQ505–12 The Family in Antiquity

HQ1127–1139 Women in the Ancient World

HT863 Ancient Slavery

KJA Roman Law

ML162-169 Ancient Music

N5320-5899 Fine Arts in Antiquity

NA210–340 Ancient Architecture

R126–127 Ancient Medical Works

R135 History of Ancient Medicine

U29–35 Warfare in Antiquity

Subject Guide

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